FrameGalicia arose in response to a need that we had been detecting for several years: why do all the videos on social networks have images of the Tower of Pissa or the Sagrada Familia but never show the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela? Couldn't our beaches be synonymous with an idyllic paradise? Why not take a bird's eye view of Galicia?

So we decided that if we wanted a video bank of Galicia, one that had quality and responded to the needs of our profession, we had to design it ourselves. There is no point in lamenting the fact that the Golden Gates has more presence in the collective imagination than our Rande Bridge. We believe that Galicia has international prestige. We are a population with presence in the 5 continents. And we are the second most important pilgrimage route in Europe. We hope that with this video bank, we will be able to show the world our capacity to internationalise.